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Wicked Artists has its headquarters in Berlin and Montréal. The booking agency represents some of the most innovative and forward-thinking creative technology & new media artists from around the world. Wicked Artists challenges the present status-quo by promoting creative diversity with an extraordinary vanguard of innovative artistry that pairs human creativity with emerging technology. With science and cutting-edge technology as an underlying foundation, Wicked Artists create new forms of artistic expression in live performances and interactive installations.
Carolina Eyck Theremin and Voice Wicked Artist


Carolina Eyck is a German-Sorbian musician and composer, largely recognized as the world’s leading theremin virtuoso. Balancing between minimal and progressive electronic music, Carolina’s melodic and partly fixed composition style leaves plenty of space for her virtuoso improvisations. In her solo show Theremin & Voice, Carolina breaks new ground using a surround sound system, allowing her theremin to break free and fill the space.
Toa Mata Band Lego Robot EDM


Toa Mata Band, based in Bologna, Italy, is the first LEGO® music robots orchestra, made of vintage bionicle figures. It was created by the Italian sound designer and music producer Giuseppe Acito. Each band member is built using LEGO Bionicle pieces, a system of electric motors, rubber bands, and pulleys connected to the figure’s arms which allow them to play a rig of different touchable synthesizers, drum machines, smartphones, and acoustic percussions.


Chagall is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is an electronic music producer, songwriter, singer, performer & music technology innovator. Chagall creates audio-visual live pop music performances that reimagine the world of live electronica, visuals arts, and choreography, supported by the latest sensor technology that she and her team developed in collaboration with several tech companies.
Moritz Simon Geist robot vibraphone


Moritz Simon Geist is based in Dresden, Germany. Hi is a performer, musicologist, and robotics engineer who reinvents the future of electronic music – with robots. Moritz’s projects range from live performances with robots that play contemporary electronic music to robotic sound installations that deconstruct the sound and the physical shape of classic jazz instruments like the Vibraphone.


Portrait XO moved in 2019 from Los Angeles to Berlin. She is a singer, songwriter, producer, installation and synesthesia artist who utilizes emerging technology like AR, VR, and AI in her works. She conceptualises experiences from synaesthetic reactions between sound and taste, and creates audiovisual performances with Artificial Intelligence. Portrait XO researches computational creativity and creates human-machine collaboration to explores new formats & applications for forward-thinking art and sound.
Jason Barnes Prosthetic Drummer Wicked Artists


Jason Barnes is based in Georgia, USA. He is an amputee drummer, who wares an electromyographic band that senses muscle activity from his forearm. The prosthetic arm is triggered by the muscle sensor to start drumming. He holds the Guiness Book Record for the most drumbeats(2,400) in one minute using a drumstick using a prosthetic arm. Jason Barnes’ project Cybrnetx transcends the limitations of music and performance and explores the realm of Transhumanism, and the idea of the Singularity.
Hellion Laura Kriefman Wicked Artist


Laura Kriefman is based in Plymouth, UK. She is the director and artist behind Hellion Trace and has over 15 years’ experience as a creative, producer, and commissioner across theatre, dance, and interactive tech. Hellion is a hybrid, super-human, instrumental and vocal dance performance for those who like a splash of sublime magic with their technology and live music. Laura Kriefman also creates large-scale interactive installations, and hybrid performances that fuse the performing arts and creative technology.
PYANOOK Grand Pianist Wicked Artist


PYANOOK is the project of pianist Ralf Schmid, based in Freiburg, Germany. He performs live on two acoustic grand pianos with motion-controlled electronics. While in acoustic pieces technology is often used at the post-production level to modify or expand existing sounds, Schmid uses it from the very beginning in the composition and performance of his pieces. He uses a groundbreaking innovation of music technology with which he can immediately digitally manipulate the sound of what he plays on the piano, just by hand gestures.
Erin Gee Machine unlearning


Erin Gee is a Montreal-based artist and composer, engaged with critical sensuality, affect, haptics, communication, and presence in digital architectures. Inspired by the human voice as a conceptual object, she utilizes technology and her voice to denaturalize emotion through feminist technology and science and by working directly with the unconscious mind through biosensors, ASMR, verbal suggestion and hypnotism.
Synthonie Sci-fi band Wicked Artist


Synthonie, an epic sci-fi band with alien instruments and a virtual singer, Syndarella is based in Bonn, Germany. The duo plays their own tributes of gaming-related music, inspired by well-known sci-fi and gaming songs. Somewhere between the orchestral music of Hans Zimmer, inspired by Vangelis, and Mike Oldfield.
Lizzy Human drum machine Wicked Artist


LIZZY, the Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist & composer revolutionizes the way people play and experience the drums with her 3D Drum Dress by bringing fashion, music, and technology together. A unique live performance by an accomplished drummer girl, vocalist, and composer who developed a new wearable instrument dubbed the 3DDD playing hot electronic dance-pop music.
Bertolt meyer synth wicked artist


Bertolt Meyer is a Berlin-based DJ, producer, and avowed modular enthusiast, who was born without his lower left arm. Instead of allowing this to hinder his creative pursuits, he began researching the possibilities of improving his creative experience by essentially shortening the signal flow between mind and action. The result is what he refers to as his ‘Syn-limb’ – which allows Meyer to control some parameters of his modular setup with muscular signals sent directly from his mind.
Kopffarben Live digital fine art painting Wicked Artists


Kopffarben is a Berlin-based artist duo that creates digital light paintings. A live metamorphosis and fusion of digital visual art and artistic algorithms, the fine arts, music, and interactive, moving images. The performative light painting unfolds a captivating dynamic and enables the audience to intensify the sonic experience of the concert through a visual and spatial experience. The interplay of music and rhythmically transforming images potentiates the created experiential space for the audience and creates genre-transcending performance.
Adam Basanta Wicked Artist


Adam Basanta is a Montreal-based mixed-media artist, experimental composer, and performer. He employs technology in his works as a core vocabulary, displacing them into artistic contexts through kinetic sculptures, sound, and computational image-making. In uncovering, augmenting, and creating systems of intertwinement, he tries to touch a sense of “liveness”, the dynamism resulting from the unpredictable performances of various actants pulling independently in collective balance.


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