Pyanook grand piano data gloves Wicked Artist
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Grand piano virtuoso, motion-controlling analogue instruments and live-visuals
Pyanook grand piano data gloves Wicked Artist

“Leading piano playing into the 21st century.”

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„Ralf shapes and sculpts the sounds of the pianos as he plays them, adding a new dimension to the performance.“

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“The blend of sound and movement seems like magic.“

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PYANOOK is a piano recital for the 21st century. Ralf Schmid takes the grand piano to the digital age in a unique combination of instrumental and digital virtuosity. Schmid uses motion-controlling of sound and visuals with data gloves in the flow of playing and radically expands his sound palette and stage radius. 

With PYANOOK, Schmid opens up new horizons for analog instruments and live performances. With every movement of the pianist, the compositions become alive and inextricably linked to him and his body. Every slight turn of the wrist, every finger movement changes the sound of the piano in a unique way.

In addition to his intensive performance, in which he uses his entire upper body rhythmically to create the music, there is a fascinating light show and visuals by Pietro Cardarelli. Triggered by the movements of the gloves, Schmid and Cardarelli interact audiovisually in real time.

The search for the essence of sound and the exploration of its boundless possibilities has shaped much of Ralf Schmid’s work. He has already worked with very different artists such as Herbie Hancock, Whitney Houston, Daniel Hope and has led large ensembles and choirs all over the world. Within these collaborations, he has produced award-winning albums that make a strong statement for his open-mindedness.

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PYANOOK Grand Pianist Wicked Artist


A true 21st century piano recital. Ralf Schmid performs with motion-controlled electronics and reaches out to undiscovered pianistic terrain. Revolutionary data gloves detect hand and finger movements and enable PYANOOK to control sound processing in the flow of pianoplaying. Optional video-projections on aerial sculptures make PYANOOK´s music interact with the visual art of Pietro Cardarelli.


Sensor fields around PYANOOK’s piano settings enable a dancer (or dance group) to enter and influence the sound flow by movement. SENSORY MOVES combines the performative energy of hip-hop dance culture with a tech-driven setting that enables the musician and the dancer(s) to interact digitally.


A PYANOOK project feat. Trondheim Voices (NO) and O Modernt Chamber Orchestra (SWE). Composed for mobile musicians in a surround speaker system, THE HUMAN TOUCH plays with state-of-the-art tech that enables wireless music making and interacting for a large ensemble in a room. Singers and string players expand their spatial and sonic radius in the format of a reinvented piano concerto with orchestra.
Premiere: January 2022 at Out-of-the-box-festival, Munich.


Sonic journey to the North. PYANOOK’s pianistic world unites with the ultrarich acoustic-electronic sound palette of norwegian percussion wizard Håkon Stene. Meditative and lyrical anthems arise and built up to pumping dancefloor scenarios. The traditional arts of drumming and piano playing are redefined by two visonary virtuosos.


PYANOOK live from home

LIVE from PYANOOK’s home studio

Piano music and tech talks live from PYANOOK’s collaborative atelier on music and innovation. Ralf Schmid’s home studio lab in Freiburg/Germany.

Filmed with 4 cameras, Ralf Schmid creates tailor-made programs for conferences, events or interactive tutorials, live-streamed through selected platforms.


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