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Whether you’re seeking to elevate your events with groundbreaking performances or cutting-edge installations, gain strategic insights on new technologies, or consultancy for your event curation, we are your gateway to a world where creative innovation knows no bounds.

Innovative Artists Booking

Elevate your events with some of the world’s leading performing artists who seamlessly blend technology into their live shows, creating unforgettable and unparalleled experiences. Our artists redefine what’s possible by marrying artistic vision with cutting-edge technology.


Strategic Consultancy

Navigate the evolving landscape of emerging technologies through the lens of exceptional creative artistry. We guide organizations in integrating these innovations seamlessly into new experiences or their creative workflow.

Conference Curation

Join us in shaping the future of creative discourse. Our expertise lies in pioneering and crafting conference formats that explore creative technology, music technology, transdisciplinarity, cross-sector innovation, and the evolving landscape of future creative industries. Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the latest technological trends and their applications in the creative realm.


Interactive Installations

Elevate your brand and immerse your audience in customized, interactive installations crafted for brand activation, festival experiences, and conference playgrounds. We turn spaces into engaging environments that leave a lasting impact. From concept to execution, our team specializes in tailoring experiences that resonate with your audience.

Access to Leading Experts

Unlock the full potential of creative technologies and gain insights from our extensive global network of leading experts in AI, sensor technology, quantum computing, blockchain, XR, Spatial Media, and other emerging technologies for keynotes, workshops, panels, or masterclasses.

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