Laura Kriefman

Laura Kriefman Hellion light dress
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Multi award-winnng interdisciplinary artist, dancer and choreographer
Laura Kriefman
Laura Kriefman Hellion light dress

“The Bauhaus lovechild of Laurie Anderson & Gene Kelly.”

– Bishi –


Laura Kriefman is the director and artist behind Hellion Trace and has over 15 years’ experience as a creative, producer, and commissioner across theatre, dance, and interactive tech. She has spent over 10 years delivering interdisciplinary projects worldwide that fuse the performing arts and creative technology.

Her expertise in these areas has been recognized by numerous international fellowships including Questlab Artist in Residence with Wayne McGregor, 2018 Mozilla XR Studio Fellow, PRS Female Innovator in Music, 2016 INK Fellow, 2015 WIRED Magazine/The Space Creative Fellow and a 2011-2012 Fellow of the Clore Cultural Leadership Programme.


Kicking the mic laura Kriefman


A live performance fusing tap dance, live looping, and vocals with a sound-reactive LED Dress.

Come and step into the world of Hellion – a high-octane, live dialogue between light, sound, movement, and technology. The explosion of a reverberating stomp punctuates the dark. Simultaneously the dress and Laura explode in light. Together they hold this moment as we listen to the sound fading, seen as receding light.

From Tokyo to San Francisco, Hellion has transported audiences with each percussive step – immersing them into a delightful and colorful live performance. Hellion is a hybrid, super-human, instrumental and vocal performance for those who like a splash of sublime magic with their technology and live music.


Laura Kriefman Wicked Artist

Laura Kriefman is an award-winning director, producer, and artist, and has spoken at some of the world’s leading conferences, including INK, WIRED, ReMIX, SxSW Interactive, World Science Fair (New York), IRCAM Paris, the Southbank Centre, and TEDxRoma, TEDxDanubia and TEDxLondon. Renowned for facilitating diverse collaborations, she has run mentoring and workshops exploring creative techniques in universities around the world.

Laura Kriefman gives keynotes and offers consultancy in
City design and interactive installation design | Collaborative co-production processes and techniques | Cultural leadership | Complex systems | Digital and Dance Leadership.

Laura Kriefman also creates large-scale shows, interactive installations, and touring productions that have been commissioned worldwide including the USA, Brazil, Ireland, Croatia, Europe, India, Japan, and Indonesia.

Some of her awards include:
– Outstanding Contribution to Innovation – Media Innovation Award 2013;
– Best Exhibition/Event- Media Innovation Award 2013;
– Royal Television Society Award for Best Digital Innovation 2012;
– Honorary Mention, Prix Des Arts, Ars Electronica,
– Smart Oxford Playable City Commission 2017.

She is currently revolutionizing regional theatre as the CEO of the Barbican Theatre, Plymouth.

Laura Kriefman Crane Dance


Laura Kreifman Dance workshop

As part of her commitment to developing the digital dance field in the UK and beyond, Laura Kriefman is offering an advanced masterclass package, including practical workshops to help you stretch your creativity and collaborative skills, and a showcase of her show “Kicking the Mic”.

Her masterclass package can be tailored to suit the participant’s needs. It is accessible to all dance styles. Laura Kriefman will guide you through her creative processes and explore the mechanics of the Kicking the Mic interactive sound system and LED Dress.

Other workshops that Laura offers:

THINK BIG: A masterclass on how to approach developing ideas and projects that might take 5-15 years to be delivered – using the Mass Crane Dance project and Barbican Theatre, Plymouth as examples.

COLLABORATIVE, INTERACTIVE WORK: This detailed workshop focuses on balancing complex teams and stakeholders, creating shared collaborative languages, working towards a clear common goal and adaptive collaborative techniques.

Laura Kriefman creative tech workshop


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