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We are an agency for avant-garde creative technology and new media, located in Berlin and Montréal.

Established at the nexus of creativity and technology and with a legacy rooted in pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, we’ve mastered the art of crafting compelling and engaging moments, that not only resonate but leave a lasting impression.

Wicked Artists is not just an agency with over 15 years experience in the sector. We are curators of extraordinary experiences and consultants to those who aim to be at the forefront of creative innovation.

We redefine events by bridging the captivating world of performing arts with cutting-edge technologies. Our roster represents some of the most innovative and forward-thinking artists from around the world who pair human creativity with emerging technology to create extraordinary live performances and interactive installations.


Challenge the status quo.
At Wicked Artists, we don’t just follow hypes and trends. Our approach blends creativity with strategic innovation, ensuring that every collaboration is a transformative experience.

Embrace the weird and wonderful.
By connecting exceptionally innovative artists with festivals, promoters, brands, and businesses, we enable our clients to stage extraordinary events and create unforgettable moments through one-of-a-kind performances and interactive installations.

Explore the extraordinary
When you partner with us, you’re not just embracing technology; you’re catalyzing a future where technological innovation and arts converge seamlessly, creating experiences that defy expectations and transcend boundaries of imagination.

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Matthias Strobel is President of MusicTech Germany, and Germany’s main point of contact for music technology innovation. As a consultant, mentor, and independent manager, he fosters the knowledge transfer between visionaries from all intersections of the creative industries to enable cross-sectoral innovation and accelerate avant-garde approaches from entrepreneurs and artists.

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Dennis Kastrup is a German journalist who works in the field of music since the year 2000, most of the time in Berlin. He has met and interviewed thousands of musicians throughout his career. Since 2014 his main focus is on new technologies and music. He also hosts the podcast “The Illiac Suite” in which he interviews thought-leaders and experts on AI.

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