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Moritz Simon Geist Robot Show
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Performer, Musicologist, Robotics Engineer
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“Geist is treating some important questions of the future, like the perception of technology, the robotization of society or the artificial intelligence, but still comes in a very playful and entertaining way: through electronic music.”
He calls on his army of sonic robots—a collection of small, motorized creations that click, clank, and whirr (…) The result isn’t just a dynamic, throbbing album full of electrifying techno. For Geist, it’s a way to push the frontiers of electronic musicmaking.
“Geist’s robots aren’t meant to simulate humans or a band, but to fulfill specific, finely tuned tasks, like industrial machines. These are new machines, manufacturing a new kind of machine music.”
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Moritz Simon Geist is a performer, musicologist, and robotics engineer. He started because he wants to invent the future of electronic music – with robots! Moritz projects range from robotic music performances to robotic sound installations. His robotic instruments and performances have been shown in numerous European festivals and exhibitions throughout the last years and were awarded numerous international awards.

From 2015-2020 Moritz taught on the progression of technology and society at the NYU Berlin, Clives Davis Institute. His background is both as a classical musician and a robotics engineer, with expertise in prototyping technologies and 3D-Printing. Moritz lives and works in Dresden, Germany where is Workshop-Studio is located.

At his Studio, Moritz Simon Geist also develops projects for other people. This includes mechanical installations, live performances, and design. He works for museums, other artists, and brands to help them build their projects.

Moritz Simon Geist Wicked Artist


Vibrations Moritz Simon Geist


AI-controlled robotic sound installation reflecting on minimal music and human-machine interaction.


Moritz Simon Geist created the robotic instrument “Vibrations” to play soothing,  minimal music in a futuristic way – with robots! The installation is based on the instrument ‘Vibraphone’, deconstructing the sound and the physical shape of the classic jazz instrument. The sound of the robot is generated by tuned aluminum bars, controlled by a complex, distributed robotic actuator system.

The sound is multifaceted, ranging from gloomy chords to high concise melodies. The compositions are influenced by composers like Terry Riley, John Adam, Steve Reich, and Harry Partch. During his EMAP residency at Ars Electronica, Moritz Simon Geist created compositions with a generative composition algorithm, which are played by the installation in a concert.

Tripods One Moritz Simon Geist


A futuristic sound robot which sketches a possible future of human-machine interaction – with machines and electronic music.

The robot is played live as a musical instrument. Small mechanics and physical tone-generators insides the sculpture produce the noises used in the musical context. The machine envisions a futuristic sound device which plays contemporary electronic music through music robots. In the performance the artist is still present on stage controlling and interacting with the machine.

The installation was build in a broad design process with several design and functional prototypes and the extensive use of rapid prototyping technologies like 3D printing, CNC milling and laser cutting. The installation is the continuation of former music robots by Moritz Simon Geist like the „MR-808 Drum Robot“ or the „Glitch Robot“ series.


Soft Manipulator Moritz Simon Geist


A playful interactive installation where the audience experiments with rhythms, mechanics, and objects.

Everyday items like glasses, pots, as well as small musical instruments are placed on a light platform. Seven robotic mechanic devices can be manipulated interactively by the audience, manipulating the sound of the objects. The six robotic mechanics beat the objects, creating a constantly changing polyrhythmic web of sound and rhythm.

MR 808 Moritz Simon Geist


The drum robot installation MR-808 Interactive (2013) features an oversized robotic drum machine and is intended for a collaborative music creation process that turns the listener from a passive spectator to an active player, visualizing the ongoing bond of mobile digital interfaces and physical actions.

The audience can stand in front of the robot at the exhibition site and program the drums in a collaborative process. The crowd can then listen to the emerging of the composition of the sound in real-time.



As a sound artist and robotics engineer, Moritz Simon Geist runs workshops in which the participants get insights into the sound creation of small robotic systems and mechanics. The field of Robotic Electronic Music is a futuristic and visual way of producing music combining the craft of DIY Instrument design with the love for electronic music, techno, and sound art. All the sounds that are usually produced by computers or synthesizers are instead created by physical objects: drums, metallic objects, motors, relays, and robotic devices. This introduces an error and nearly human touch into the musical structures, at the same time retaining the repetitive structures that can only be achieved with machines. In an explanatory hands-on setting, the participants are asked to create sounds, samples, produce and experiment with the given instrumentation.

Robotics Workshop Moritz Simon Geist


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