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Human drum-machine, fashion-tech illuminary, and multi-instrumentalist
Lizzy Human Drum Machine


LIZZY and the 3D Drum Dress are revolutionizing the way people play and experience the drums by bringing fashion, music, and technology together. A unique performance by an accomplished drummer girl, vocalist, and composer who developed a new wearable instrument dubbed the 3DDD playing hot electronic dance-pop music.

LIZZY is from Lower Saxony but resides in Berlin, playing as a prominent member of both the jazz and electronic music scenes, proving just as adept as a groovy jazz drummer as she is within an entrancing electronic group.

LIZZY came alive in 2013 when Ms. Scharnofske wanted to break free from drumming’s sedentary restrictions.  She decided that she would find a way to drum, sing, and dance all at once. She teamed up with Maartje Dijkstra, a pioneer in the innovative field of technological fashion design and a master of wearable tech, to create the Drum Dress. Together, they crafted a 3D printed dress with eight Midi Pads knitted into it and sensors under her heels which reproduce the different sounds of a drum when tapped.

Lizzy Drum Dress Wicked Artists


Lizzy Live on stage

Merging hypnotic drumming with wearable 3D printing, LIZZY pushes the boundaries of music performance to become the character of your wildest electro-pop dreams.

The energy of LIZZY in her performances is so contagious, she’ll transport you into a mesmerizing world of electro-pop with every beat of her wearable drums that also connect to entrancing visuals. Seeing her on stage is a unique multi-sensorial experience. LIZZY‘s music vacillates between catchy, danceable, beats to futuristic reveries—diversity is key to her musical philosophy. She will have you dancing for days to the memories of her songs that tell tales of the ordinary in the most extraordinary of ways.

On stage, LIZZY is accompanied by various artists with whom she fuses and builds up incredible live energy. Merging fashion, tech, and music, LIZZY is as cutting-edge as it gets.


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