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Transhuman bionic drummer,Composer, Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist
Jason Barnes Prosthetic Drummer Wicked Artists


Jason Barnes is an amputee drummer, who wears an electromyographic band that senses muscle activity from his forearm. The prosthetic arm is triggered by the muscle sensor to start drumming. He holds the Guiness Book Record for the most drumbeats(2,400) in one minute using a drumstick using a prosthetic arm, which was created by Gil Weinberg (both USA) in Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on 25 July 2018.

Jason Barnes project Cybrnetx transcends the limitations of music and performance and explores the realm of Transhumanism, and the idea of the Singularity. The human race is destined to evolve beyond its current mental and physical condition and limitations through means of self-growth both organically and through technology.

The mix of Glitchy sounds inspired by Heavy Bass Music expands across all genres of EDM, and are that of a cyberpunk/post-human future. His unique sounds are influenced by work in the field of Artificial intelligence, and Prototype Prosthetics, and is birthed from the symphony of human and machine symbiosis. Over the years we have been involved in the development of advanced prosthetics focused on musical creativity as well as advanced AI robots. These elements are being used in his live performance sets whenever possible and bring something new to the table.

We are more than ourselves, we are more than thoughts, we are more than energy. We are destined to become fabricated hybrids of machine and organisms.

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