Tin Men and the Telephone

Tin Men and the Telephone
Tin Men and the Telephone
Jazz Band, live electronics, visual spectacle, interactive audience participation
Tin Men and the Telephone
Tin Men and the Telephone


What initially appears to be an ordinary jazz trio transforms within seconds into an interactive, technological, musical, and visual spectacle where the audience becomes the star of the show. Tin Men and the Telephone is a creative and playful Amsterdam-based music trio that employs live electronics, projected visuals, and audience participation in combination with improvised music to create a one-of-a-kind multimedia experience.

Their very own revolutionary smartphone app “Tinmendo” allows audience members to actively take part in the performances in real-time. Voting on what direction the music should take next, sending short audio or video messages that serve as the basis for instant compositions, creating beats for the band to play around with, controlling the stage lighting, and even frantically shaking one’s device to take part in a musical race: these are just of few of the things an audience member will find themselves doing at a Tin Men show.

All of these elements come together in a performance that is always surprising and flexible, unique to both the venue and moment in which it takes place, and tailored on the spot to the sensibilities of each type of audience, from the seasoned connoisseurs to the curious newcomers.

Tin Men and the Telephone



Tin Men and The Telephone Show

Tin Men and the Telephone push the boundaries of improvisation through cutting-edge technology by creating interactive multi-media performances that fully engage the audience.

Their latest show focuses on the foundation of all music: “It’s About Time! “ Tin Men and the Telephone bend the perception of time in music as we know it. By borrowing principles from the world of cinema, they integrate the concept of musical flashbacks and flashforwards into improvisation.
Rewind? No problem.
Fast forward? Sure.
Freeze time? Got you.
Expect to be swept up into a musical and visual experience that seamlessly merges the traditional piano trio with interactive technology.

Hurry up! Don’t be late.


Tin Men and the Telephone also create customized interactive multi-media performance that fully engages the audience with a specially designed smartphone app that allows the audience to actively participate in a one of a kind multi media performance. By swiping, texting and shaking their phones, the audience influences the music and videos in real time as they are being played. The app allows users to make melodies, harmonies and rhythms that are assembled into a spontaneous collective composition, performed by the band on the spot.

The contents of the performance are highly customizable and possibilities for tailor made shows are endless. The music, video material and even contents of the can be adapted to suit your needs. Unique show themed around the topic of your congress, taking polls of the audience and displaying them live during an event or awards ceremony can be realized.

Research has shown that participating in an interactive experience such as this leads to 80% retention of the brand associated with the event. Compared to passive listeners, active audiences are five times more likely to recall and engage with your brand.

Tin Men and the Telephone is perfect as entertainment, opening or closing act for company events, congresses, as interstitial accompaniment to award shows or a fun team building exercise. For smaller groups the show take the form of a workshop.

Group sizes can vary up to 1000 people and the length of the show can be anything from 10 to 90 minutes or more.


Tin Men and the Telephone offer children and family concerts that are entertaining, educational and fun for both kids and parents alike! Everybody is invited to participate in creating and shaping the show via the Tinmendo smartphone app.

One by one, the building blocks of music are unravelled and explained as the audience creates melodies, rhythms and harmonies that are assembled into a collective composition and performed on the spot. Every show is a unique interactive experience that encourages listening skills and develops musical sensibilities without ever losing the sense of fun.

The average performance length is between 45 and 60 minutes.


Keynotes: Tin Men and the Telephone give and talks about audience participation and interactive technology in the context of improvised music.

Workshops: The show descriptions can also be applied in a workshop or educational setting

For musical education, Tin Men and the Telephone offer

– Performance + Q&A
– multiple days projects in which participants get the assignment to develop musical concepts for the future (e.g., a music performance in 2035). Tin Men and the Telephone guide the students in developing concepts, technology, and the final performance.


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