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Musician, performer, Sound artist, visual experience creator
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KYMAT creates music with plants and makes this music visible in water-sound images during his performances. The sound waves are translated into water waves that form geometric shapes. The water acts as a three-dimensional sculpture that transforms sound into images. It’s called cymatics, It’s science. The sound structures can be found everywhere in nature.

KYMAT gives botany a voice by connecting foliage with electrodes. These pick up the electromagnetic vibrations of the plants and transform them into audible midi signals.

KYMAT combines aspects of science and research with artistic imagery and sound worlds as well as therapeutic and meditative elements. The psychoactive sound relaxes the senses, invites you to meditate, and offers to let oneself go in the here and now – you enter the world of “hypnotation”.

KYMAT artistic work consists of live music, water-sound-images, installations, and live shows.

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Kymat Live

KYMAT produces images that transcend their simple origins in his live performances. Water seems to dance along with the sound and creates impressive water images. By transforming sound into visual effects, KYMAT is a way of connecting science with sound art.

In his show “Sonic Bloom”, KYMAT makes invisible worlds – such as the sound of plants – audible. Sound clouds emerge that carry the audience into meditative spheres.

Cricket chirping from the Amazon, shaman whistles, living plant worlds. Orchestra bells, sounds of a harmonica, synthesizer sounds and space echoes.

KYMAT taps his indoor plants and magic mushrooms via a device called “MIDI Sprout”. The machine translates their electromagnetic fields into audible frequencies. Reverbs and delays make the most out of it, in collaboration with Mini Moog, Jupiter 4, and other instruments.

This spherical carpet of sound is also garnished by e-piano and space synthesizer interludes, produced by the Hamburg artist “Carsten Erobique Meyer” and hypnotic whisper interludes, created by the musician “Das Bo“.



kymat cube

Sonic Water is a cymatics installation.

Cymatics is the process of visualizing sound and vibrations through matter, such as for example sand or water.
The reason cymatics exerts such a strong fascination is that we are not conditioned to “see sound”. Cymatics is like a magic tool that unveils the true substance of things audible, but conventionally invisible.
With it, one can recreate the archetypes of different forms of nature.
Sound does have form and cymatics enables you to comprehend that it not only affects but causes form in matter.

The installations are specially designed for exhibitions. Interactive, playful, and scientific, we celebrate the marvelous nature.
A camera films a small cup filled with water. Vibration forms patterns on the water surface. Depending on the frequency, the shape changes. In this way, sound becomes visible and tangible.

A meditative sound journey, a walk between the worlds. An invitation to slow down and an offer to be totally here and now.


KYMAT also conceptualizes and creates installations on request. These installations can be designed very well individually, running independently to fascinate the guests or interactively with all visitors.


KYMAT aka Sven Meyer also shares his vision and knowledge in workshops and masterclasses about the following topics:

– Vibrations & Frequencies,
– Soundwalks,
– Water Experiments,
– Cymatics,
– Music with Flowers, Plants & Trees,
– Electromagnetic Fields



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