live performance

Lizzy Human drum machine Wicked Artist


ABOUT LIZZY LIZZY and the 3D Drum Dress are revolutionizing the way people play and experience the drums by bringing fashion, music, and technology together. A unique performance by an accomplished drummer girl, vocalist, and composer who developed a new...
Hellion Laura Kriefman Wicked Artist

Laura Kriefman

“The Bauhaus lovechild of Laurie Anderson & Gene Kelly." - Bishi - ABOUT LAURA KRIEFMAN Laura Kriefman is the director and artist behind Hellion Trace and has over 15 years’ experience as a creative, producer, and commissioner across theatre, dance,...
Moritz Simon Geist Robots Wicked Artists

Moritz Simon Geist

“Geist is treating some important questions of the future, like the perception of technology, the robotization of society or the artificial intelligence, but still comes in a very playful and entertaining way: through electronic music.” -ARTE- “He calls on his...
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