The programmer and media artist Johannes Schmidt and the painter Julia Schäfer united the vision to make paintings come alive. The result can be described as a fusion of digital visual art and artistic algorithms that creates interactive and moving light images.

The self-developed software turns the live painted motifs into room-filling projections and creates a performative narrative show act. With their productions, Kopffarben serves a genre between digital mapping art and performative painting.
The format of the visual concert enables Kopffarben to cooperate with musicians and sound artists of different genres and to develop coordinated concepts. Julia Schäfer reacts to the thematic framework of the concert with her choice of motifs and colors. the thematic framework of the concert. The content focus of Julia's paintings is the role of emotions and empathy in different empathy in different forms of society.

Johannes Schmidt harmonizes the movement and transformation of the motifs with the rhythm and timbre of the musicians. musicians. The duo thus offers the possibility of a fusion and networking with different artists and concepts.

The performative light painting unfolds a captivating dynamic and enables the audience to intensify the sonic experience of the concert through a visual and spatial experience. The interplay of music and rhythmically transforming images potentiates the created experiential space for the audience and creates a performance that transcends genres.
The interdisciplinary Visual Concerts hold the potential to captivate music enthusiasts as well as those interested in digital art through a colorful and sonorous performance and to generate a media echo from a musicological as well as a media-scientific/artistic perspective.

The low-threshold and experiential access to digital art enable reception by a broad audience, painting reaches the digital age and makes the artistic process visible, live to the audience.
The combination of rigorous algorithms with authentic strokes in an artist's creative process remains an original and unprecedented metamorphosis of visual art in the digital age.
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