Laura Kriefman

Laura Kriefman, fusing movement and technology

Laura Kriefman is the Director, Producer and Artist behind Hellion Trace and has over a decade of experience delivering interdisciplinary projects worldwide that fuse the performing arts and creative technology.
Hellion Trace (formerly Guerilla Dance Project) have won multiple awards for digital innovation and specialise in Augmented Dance: the fusion between movement and technology. Resident at the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol, they create interactive installations and spectacles that have been commissioned worldwide including USA, Brazil, Ireland, Croatia, Europe, India, and Indonesia. Recent work includes Kicking The Mic, a performance piece fusing live tap dance, looping and a fully sound reactive LED dress, winning the Smart Oxford Playable City Commission, and Mass Crane Dance which was launched as part of her Creative Fellowship with WIRED Magazine.
Laura Kriefman is an award-winning director, producer, and artist, and has spoken at some of the world’s leading conferences, including INK, WIRED, ReMIX, SxSW Interactive, World Science Fair (New York), IRCAM Paris, the Southbank Centre, and TEDxRoma, TEDxDanubia and TEDxLondon. Renowned for facilitating diverse collaborations, she has run mentoring and workshops exploring creative techniques in universities around the world.
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