Erin Gee

Erin Gee, creative technology and voice artist who works directly with the unconscious mind.

Erin Gee (Montreal) is an artist and composer engaged with critical sensuality, affect, haptics, communication, and presence in digital architectures. Inspired by the human voice as a conceptual object, she likens the vibration of vocal folds to electricity and data across systems, or vibrations across matter.
Her recent explorations in affective sound compositions and ASMR are part of a longer artistic inquiry into sincerity and the denaturalization of emotion through feminist technology and science. She is a DIY expert in affective biofeedback, implicating the body of the listener as part of her cybernetic systems in place. Her work in expanded vocal composition, networked performance, ASMR, VR, AI and robotics has been shown at venues such as MacKenzie Art Gallery (CA), LEV Festival (ES), MUTEK (CA/ES/AR), Darling Foundry (CA), Toronto Biennale (CA), Elektra Festival (CA), FILE festival (BR), Ars Electronica (AT), NRW Forum (DE), MediaLive Festival (US), and Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, and has been written about in publications such as Scientific American Blog and VICE. She is artist in residence at Institut Quantique (University of Sherbrooke, Quebec) in 2021-2022, exploring quantum computing as inspiration for sensitive superpositions.


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