Adam Basanta

Adam Basanta- mixed media artist & experimental composer and performer

Adam Basanta is a Montreal-based mixed-media artist, experimental composer and performer. His work investigates technology as a meeting point of concurrent, overlapping systems; a nexus of cultural, computational, biological, and economic forces. In uncovering, augmenting, and creating systems of intertwinement, he is trying to touch a senwse of “liveness” or a nearly- living quality, the dynamism resulting from the unpredictable performances of various actants pulling independently in collective balance.
Through a variety of media – installation, kinetic sculpture, sound, computational image-making – he employs the visual culture of commercial technologies as a core vocabulary, displacing them into an artistic context.
Placing technologies in unconventional and absurd relationships to one another, he aims to create a fissure in their conventional functions, reflecting on their roles as contemporary prosthetics with which we co-exist in a hybrid ecology.
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