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The Science Fiction and Gaming Duo from outer space
Synthonie sci-fi band Wicked Artist
“When I first heard it, I thought – what is this? But then this performance, this whole combination, this “I am this being” fascinated me and so I said, okay – I WANT THEM!”


“We have received nothing but positive feedback and would be delighted to welcome SYNTHONIE live on stage at an upcoming events. We appreciate his innovative style and his music and can highly recommend him for further projects..”


“We had the pleasure of experiencing a awesome performance by the band SYNTHONIE. They are fantastic! We can only highly recommend them!”



SYNTHONIE, the epic sci-fi band from Germany with alien instruments and a virtual singer. The duo plays their own tributes of gaming-related music, inspired by well-known sci-fi and gaming songs. Think of it as epic orchestral music like Hans Zimmer, inspired by the synthesizers of Vangelis and rocking like Mike Oldfield. Chris, the mastermind behind this project, has built extraterrestrial instruments that are far from anything you have seen so far, both in reality and in the virtual world.

Together with the virtual band member Syndarella, who exists as a virtual singer exclusively in the computer’s data rooms, Synthonie shows how humans will work together with artificial individuals in the future. Because even machines dream of electric sheeps.

Synthonie Wicked Artists



Christian le Fou of SYNTHONIE has been a tech fan since childhood, so his AI, virtual reality, and even nerdy music are native to him. That’s also why he offers sessions and workshops on how to use VR glasses and their controllers to create driving beats and complex symphonies in a few seconds, without any musical or instrumental knowledge.
He shows what the future of music in a Virtual Reality could look like, among other things.

Chris Le Fou Synthonie


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