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A booking agency for creative technology & new media art, located in Berlin and Montréal.

Our roster represents some of the most innovative and forward-thinking artists from around the world who pair human creativity with emerging technology to create extraordinary live performances and interactive installations.

An exceptional vanguard of creative artistry.

Wicked Artists use technology in various ways as a tool or to employ it as an underlying foundation of their works. Leveraging on the innovative potential of cutting-edge research, media, and emerging technology to creatively place them into meaningful contexts that result in new forms of artistic expression and unique experiences.

Challenging the present status-quo and fostering creative diversity.

Creative technology & new media artists explore and create new ways of interaction and communication by using technology to express their imagination. Often beyond social conventions or perceptions and initiated through cross-cultural exchanges that lead to transdisciplinary collaborations between different disciplines. This mostly results in different art forms being combined for interactive installations or live performance shows that are not comparable to anything else.

We put the spotlight on artists with experimental and outside-the-box approaches whose works reach beyond common limitations but can’t be labeled or categorized by standard terms of the art world.

Embracing the weird and wonderful.

The most fascinating and captivating works of art are often created by extremely talented creative technologists with beautiful minds but only experienced by a few. By connecting innovative artists with festivals, promoters, brands, and businesses, we enable our clients to stage extraordinary events and create unforgettable moments through one-of-a-kind performances and interactive installations from outstanding artists.

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Matthias Strobel is President of MusicTech Germany, Germany’s Federal Association for music technology, and Germany’s main point of contact for music technology. As a consultant, mentor, and independent manager, he fosters the knowledge transfer between visionaries from all intersections of the creative industries to enable cross-sectoral innovation and helps accelerate avant-garde approaches from entrepreneurs and artists.

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Dennis Kastrup is a German journalist who works in the field of music since the year 2000, most of the time in Berlin. He has met and interviewed thousands of musicians throughout his career. Since 2014 his main focus is on new technologies and music. He was also part of the theater play “Post Humains” which was played in Québec and Berlin.

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